Accessible Montserrat Tour

Day trips from Barcelona with a local

Montserrat in a wheelchair


Can I visit Montserrat in a wheelchair? Yes, you can! 


  • The accessible Montserrat tour is a private guided half-day trip outside of Barcelona to the National Park and Monastery of Montserrat.
  • The tour is entirely accessible for passengers in a wheelchair.
  • We discover the beautiful and mysterious mountain range of Montserrat. The name, Montserrat refers literally to the look of these unique mountain peaks.
  • The origin of the monastery goes back more than 1000 years.
  • We also make time to visit the audio visual space and the art museum with high value pieces of painters like Picasso, Dahlí and Monet and of course there will be plenty of time to make picturesque photos of the environment.
  • On certain days it is possible to hear the boys choir of Montserrat singing in the church. This, however, can not be guaranteed and depends on day and time of the visit, availability and of course your interest.
  • It is possible to extent this half day tour with a lunch in an accessible restaurant and discovering a local wheelchair friendly biodynamic winery with a wine tasting in the afternoon.
  • Please ask us for a more personalized accessible Montserrat tour, we love a challenge!


Visit Montserrat Monastery, Statue of the Virgin, Church, audio-visual space and art museum


675 EUR for up to 4 persons (1 wheelchair) including private accessible private van, private driver and private guide
395 EUR for only private accessible vehicle + driver for 5 hours (3 hour visit to the Monastery)

What's extra

Tickets to the audio visual space, art museum and access to the statue of the Virgin


5 hours


Accessible private vehicle + driver