Accessible Services for travelers in a wheelchair

✔ Accommodation adapted to your needs and budget

✔ Accessible transfers from the airport or cruise ship

✔ Inclusive activities and tours in Spain and Barcelona

✔ Mobility equipment hire

Accessible hotel bookings


Let us help you book your wheelchair accessible hotels in Spain

Adapted airport or Cruise sHip Transfer


Wheelchair accessible vehicles and friendly, experienced drivers

Accessible private tours and activities


Private guided tours with a local 

Mobility equipment rental


 Mobility improvers such as mobility scooters, hoists and handbikes.

FC Barça tickets


Experience a game like a local in Camp Nou´s wheelchair accessible zone

Count on our experience, so you can relax and enjoy our services for travelers in a wheelchair. Ask us for a disabled wheelchair transfer from Barcelona Airport or your cruise ship to your hotel. All our drivers are highly experienced and ensure a friendly and safe accessible transfer. You can also count on us for recommending accessible accommodation for clients with reduced mobility in Barcelona; and in the rest of Spain. And there is no need for you to carry the hoist or extra wheelchair with you on the plane. We have excellent providers of equipment hire all over Spain. We do our very best to provide all the equipment so you don´t need to carry it. In short; we do everything we can to make your stay comfortable and worry-free. 

Rely on us to take care of : 

  • Wheelchair accessible accommodation in Spain
  • Accessible airport transfer or cruise ship transfer in Spain
  • Mobility equipment hire (such as a mobility scooter, handcycle, hoist or shower chair) in Spain
  • Inclusive activities and tours in Spain
  • Wheelchair friendly restaurants in Barcelona
  • Souvenir shopping in Barcelona

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✔ With Mucho Gusto´s accessible services you´ll be able to focus on enjoying and relaxing while traveling. 

✔ During our tours you´ll explore Barcelona´s iconic buildings and hidden gems with a local.

✔ We reveal Barcelona´s best accessible restaurants and bars.

✔ All of our services are accessible by wheelchair and suitable for people with special needs.  

✔ Your yourney, your way. We love creating personalised experiences. Just get in touch, we´re happy to help.