Festes de Gràcia Barcelona

Each year in August the Gràcia neighborhood celebrates the Festes de Gràcia. Gràcia is one of the most charming disctricts in Barcelona.

It has a bohemian vibe, narrow streets and peaceful squares with nice terraces. You´ll also spot trendy boutiques, a theater, an original version cinema, dance schools etc. in Gracia. And each year in August, the district becomes all of a sudden the place to be in Barcelona.  Apart from spotting creative decorations in the street and admiring live bands & other artists, it's heartwarming to see what the festival does with the local inhabitants. Each street community prepares their own programme and decorations weeks in advance. During the festival they take the time to sit down together, eat and talk... 

Unfortunately the cruel terrorist attack of August 17 in Barcelona happened this year in the middle of the Festival. The festivities closed down for a while but by Saturday evening, the streets started to get filled again and locals and tourists got together in this cosy area.